Mission Statement

“At Rodriguez Tax Group, our mission is to provide exceptional financial and professional services with the utmost integrity, honesty, and respect. We are committed to meeting our clients’ current and future needs, fostering their long-term success, and enhancing their financial well-being. Our unwavering dedication to excellence, ethics, and client satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do.”

Vision Statement

“Our vision at Rodriguez Tax Group, we aspire to be the premier authority in the tax and accounting industry. We envision a future where we consistently anticipate and address our clients’ evolving needs, guiding them towards enduring financial success. Our commitment to fostering a balanced and prosperous community for all remains at the core of our vision.”

Pilar Rodriguez

I’ve been in the tax and accounting industry since 2014. I began as an intake representative for a California tax office while holding a full time job as an account manager at TMT Truck Permitting since 2010. With a strong passion for growth and helping others, I quickly moved up the ranks and became one of the best tax professionals in the company. This success led to me starting my own business Rodriguez Tax Group in January 2020. In my 9 years in the tax and accounting industry. I specialize in various financial services such as tax planning, preparing individuals and business returns, setting up companies and resolving IRS tax issues. I also possess a deep understanding in the trucking industry registered with the Department of Transportation to keep your company legal and compliant.. My goal is to help clients with their financials ,tax and permitting needs making their complex matters easier to understand.